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What does ALVATERN mean?

"Alvatern" is the Rhaeto-Romanic name for edelweiss.
A strong symbol for the advantages of the location Switzerland.

What offers ALVATERN?

Alvatern provides you with elegant solutions in the following areas:

  • How can you increase turnover and profit more quickly and, above all, sustainably?
  • How can you use the advantages of the location Switzerland for your project in an optimum manner?
  • How can you find suitable investors, and what steps are necessary for this?
  • How can you plan and secure your route to successful digitization?


Logo Verlässlichkeit

Alvatern takes action, reliably and professionally, discreetly and sustainably.

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This is the principle on which all our business is based: We only take action if our cooperation really makes a decisive difference and offers you genuine, measurable added value.


Logo Vision

Alvatern is the driving force for the improvement of your corporate goals.

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On the basis of our understanding of quality – partnership, professionalism, operational excellence – we combine our success with yours. High standards regarding values such as professional consulting, a selected internal and external network, highly loyal customer care and fairness all along the line are the foundation for your lasting satisfaction.


Logo Mission

Alvatern uses the opportunities on the market with excellent services.

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The goal is to provide rapidly implementable solutions to accelerate your projects and to realize them safely.


Honesty, fairness and trust form the basis for respectful cooperation.

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Our conduct is transparent, authentic and solution-oriented. We transfer these values with trusting communication, respect for people and the environment, and target-oriented strategies.

Find out now what Alvatern can do for you. Contact us. We look forward to you!

Investment Consulting

The challenges of our time demand new, global investment models. The location Switzerland offers a variety of advantages and is highly regarded for this.

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The large number of possible forms of investment require comprehensive planning, fast and direct access to the right institutions and investors, and exact time coordination for the project.

Thanks to Alvatern, you can access these resources in all the subareas and phases.

  • Use the advantages of the location Switzerland for your investment project.
  • Preliminary examination of investments, M&A, capital participation and real estate.
  • Securing the investment by consulting local and international partners.
  • Finding suitable investors to realize the business idea.

Business Model Transformation

You have a vision for your company or an inspired business idea – but do you also have the necessary structure and the know-how to make this vision a reality?

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Alvatern helps you to develop your business model and operating model in such a way that the strategic vision also becomes a tactical success. As we are business model transformation experts, you receive professional support to recognize and use new growth opportunities, to set the right course for the introduction and transformation, and to implement your vision efficiently. With a number of services in various areas – from Business Case Review to Business Model Design, Outsourcing and Cost Transformation, to Real Estate and Location Strategy – we help you to achieve your goals.

  • Which factors make your business case truly successful? What is available, and which information is missing?
  • “Close the gap”: Procurement and evaluation of the missing information.
  • Evaluation and introduction of a suitable business model.
  • Creation of the strategic and organizational basis for successful business expansion and continuous growth.


Digitization projects are always unique and are a major challenge for every company as a result of their newness.

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The challenges are characterized by the individual starting position, the desired product portfolio and service portfolio, the market position and, above all, the goals to be achieved within the planned time frame. Alvatern provides you with the necessary resources for the commercial and operational planning and transformation. From the analysis and evaluation of the starting position to the creation of a digitization road map and a suitable business model, to support in the implementation and in everyday operation. For this purpose, Alvatern has developed a digital recipe book with partners, whose recipes help you to avoid the mistakes of other companies, to realize your initiatives according to your budget and in a timely manner, and to thereby implement your strategic goals successfully.

Sales responsibility

Thanks to an outstanding network of relationships, demonstrable sales successes and detailed know-how in all the processes across all the sectors, we take on the sales responsibility for your success.

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Alvatern supports you in the following ways:

  • Review of the level of maturity of your sales organization (if required).
  • Preparation of the sales strategy and realization of specific measures to increase turnover and profit sustainably.
  • Support in rapidly establishing contacts, in sales lead generation, and reducing the selling cycle and time to market.
  • Development of a bid management competence center (if desired).
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